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A word document to aid in creating tasks for students based on Bloom's taxonomy.

Bloom's Taxonomy verbs to tap into a child's higher level of thinking. (Once there, change magnification to 100%)

Colorful posters to reference Bloom's stages of higher level thinking and the higher level thinking verbs.
Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Wiki
This wiki is a nice introduction to understanding Bloom's application to the digital world

Tools to implement technology in the classroom.

Google has so much to offer for teachers and students to use in the classroom. This guide will introduce many features to help teachers and students find success when using google.

This is an updated version of Richard Byrne's 1st edition of the above document Google for Teachers.

Improve your search results.

Richard Byrne writes another helpful how-to-book on "techy things" to try this year

A nice profile of tools for the classroom.

This project book is filled with student project ideas that will help students build a positive digital footprint. I found just reading about the projects raised my comfort level to web 2.0

Another resource to raise awareness of the web 2.0

Another resource to make web 2.0 a little easier.

Moodle Basics

Using Moodle
Tools for Search
I placed this here instead of on the teacher page because of all the information that is given about Google. I would think many times during the use of this source we will need to call in reinforcements...a.k.a. BTI !!
ERIC Digests
This resource accesses educational articles on any topic. This can be especially helpful when trying to help meet the emotional and educational needs of students. In addition, it can provide information before a parent conference so that you are better prepared to discuss a plan of action. Keep in mind that this is only for your reference. If entering conversation with a parent, don't diagnose or make recommendations that only doctors or counselors are qualified to do.
Learn It In 5 youtube link
Learn It in 5 home page link
Learn it in 5 teaches technology in the classroom in less than 5 minutes. (i.e.How to use voicethread). They also offer an RSS feed if interested in updates.
ISTE 2010
This is a list of sites that came from this year's ISTE (National Educational Technology Standards) conference.
Interesting Ways
This blog offers suggestions for "interesting ways" to ... get to know your class, teach reading comprehension, etc.
Tech Tips for Teachers
This article from the New York Times educational section offers free, easy, and useful creation tools.
10 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom
This article gives suggestions and other resources for using Skype in the classroom.

Set up computer and Doc. Cam together
Thanks, Jess,
The link will take you to a video clip of how to set up your document camera, projector and laptop so that they will all work together all of the time.
The only part that is different will be that the cable you run first comes from your projector, and not to/from the wall, as referenced in the video clip.
When using the laptop and not using the doc cam, you can use the button on the side of the head of the doc. cam. to turn off the light and laser points This should help your camera life.

Smart Activities
Smart Table Activities from Jess
Downloadable activities for SMART board and table

Thanks, Cathryn.

Using Audacity to record reading fluency and spelling tests.
Collaboration web platform for presentations. Students can create posters on line by integrating text, pictures, video, clip art and more using Nota's proprietary toolset. Similar to Glogster.
On line poster making. Fun and easy to use. Be sure to use Edu Glogster to eliminate ads. You can enroll students under your account so you can always monitor their work.

Four Approaches to integrating multicultural content into the curriculum.

This matrix combines Bloom's Taxonomy with Banks's Multicultural Model to design lessons with rigor and diversity.

Brain Pop Jr. and Turning Point work together.